Support Pittsburghers Arrested at Trump’s Inauguration


On January 20th, as Donald Trump took the oath of office, bringing his special brand of racism, patriarchy and authoritarianism into the White House, thousands of people from around the country–including hundreds of Pittsburghers–took to the streets in a bold show of defiance to the new regime. We blockaded security check points, marched, rallied and faced off with the alt-right, making it clear from the first minutes of Trump’s administration that we will not normalize racism and sexism and that we will spend the next four years boldly resisting Trump’s plans to build walls, deport our neighbors, destroy public schools, steal healthcare from millions of Americans, and dismantle labor protections.

The Washington DC Metro Police responded with pepper spray, armed personnel carriers and concussion grenades. They summarily rounded up and arrested 217 people including at least 10 Pittsburghers. Already a class action lawsuit has been filed against the DC Metro Police for their illegal repression of dissent.

Want to support Pittsburghers arrested at Donald Trump’s inauguration? Click here!

Everyone who was arrested during the protests–including the 10 Pittsburghers–has been released. But all face trumped-up charges of ‘riot.’ While the vast majority of those arrested will likely be acquitted (or have their charges dropped) each arrestee will need to travel to Washington, DC for upcoming court dates. That means missing work, incurring travel costs and likely paying attorneys.

The whole ordeal could cost each arrestee thousands. Want to support the arrestees? Click here to donate to the Pittsburgh legal defense fund!

It’s going to be a long four years and our movements need to sustain a long and difficult fight. Your financial support can help to keep us all out of jail and in the streets.