Fight Back Pittsburgh Summer Organizing Fellowship

Are you ready to take your organizing to the next level? Want to build skills, explore new ideas, and get plugged into exciting and powerful campaign in Pittsburgh?

Participate in the Fight Back Pittsburgh Organizing Fellowship this summer!

The Fight Back Pittsburgh Organizing Fellowship is a 6-week program that will offer a cohort of 15 new(er) organizers training on key organizing skills, political education, and opportunities to get involved in social movements in Pittsburgh. The program will rely on weekly skills-based trainings and political education seminars, one-on-one mentoring and opportunities to directly engage in ongoing campaigns and projects.12540639_438720259585975_1571945613661904282_n (1)

The program will follow a coherent progression with a specific theme each week. In the first week, fellows will be introduced to basic organizing models in place in current social movements. Then in the second week, we will look at Pittsburgh’s rich social movement history. In the third, fourth and fifth weeks, fellows will dive into key issues at play in the region. In the final week fellows will dive deeper into the theories of change that they had been introduced to and begin to explore their organizing priorities going forward.

More about the program:

  • Political Education—Fellows will meet each week for a topical political education seminar. Guest presenters with special knowledge and experience in the specific subject areas will facilitate most of the sessions and in advance of each session fellows will be given a short reading or film to watch on their own to help prepare them for the conversation. Most political education sessions will last 90 minutes and be held at the same day and time each week. Most (if not all) political education seminars will be open to the public as well as fellows. Political education sessions will be held each Wednesday starting at 5:30pm (location TBA).
  • Organizing Skills Training—Fellows will meet each week for an organizing skills training to build or strengthen key organizing skills that are applicable in a myriad of social movements and organizations. Trainings will be facilitated by experienced practitioners in each skill set. Most organizing skills trainings will last 90 minutes and will be held at the same day and time each week. Most (if not all) skills trainings will be open to the public as well as fellows. Organizing Skills Trainings will be held each Saturday at 10am (location TBA).
  • Mentorship—Each fellow will be matched up with a seasoned organizer for weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions. Fight Back Pittsburgh will provide discussion prompts for each week but mentors and fellows are free to do or discuss whatever they think is most appropriate. Mentorship sessions will last at least one hour and activities can range from a coffee meeting to attending an action together.
  • Action and Engagement—Each week, fellows will attend an action or public meeting hosted by an existing organization in Pittsburgh. This will introduce fellows to Pittsburgh’s social movement infrastructure and give them an opportunity to meet other organizers doing powerful work in Pittsburgh. Because scheduling will be determined by activities of other organizations and unpredictable, each week fellows will be given a choice of 2-3 activities to participate in based on their availability and interest.

Fellows should plan to attend all political education seminars and skills trainings, meet with mentors once a week, and attend an action or event with the cohort, dedicating 5-10 hours per week to the program. Because of the significant time commitment required to successfully participate in the program, Fellows who complete the program will receive a $500 stipend.

Want to participate in the Fight Back Pittsburgh Summer Organizing Fellowship? Apply now! Applications are due Monday, May 1.

Can’t commit to participating in the whole program? All of the seminars and trainings are free and open to the public! Visit in May for the final schedule and locations.


Preliminary Schedule

Week Seminar Skills Training
Week 1 Who is working on what!? Mapping social movement organizations and infrastructure in Pittsburgh–and Beyond.  Wednesday, June 7 at 5:30pm Facilitating meetings (large and small). Saturday, June 10 at 10am
Week 2 History of social movements in Pittsburgh.  Wednesday, June 14 at 5:30pm One-on-one organizing conversations.  Saturday, June 17 at 10am.
Week 3 Collective Liberation and Dismantling Systems of Oppression.  Wednesday, June 21 at 5:30pm Non-violent direct action. Saturday, June 24 at 10am.
Week 4 Labor and economic justice organizing.  Wednesday, June 28 at 5:30pm Getting people in the streets–Building (and implementing) a turnout plan. Saturday, July 1 at 10am
Week 5 Climate and environmental justice organizing.  Wednesday, July 5 at 5:30pm Arts in action. Saturday, July 8 at 10am
Week 6 A City for All–Combating Gentrification in Pittsburgh.  Wednesday, July 12 at 5:30pm Telling our story: Working with the corporate media and making our own media. Saturday, July 15 at 10am.