About Fight Back Pittsburgh

Working class people in Pittsburgh are under attack! We’re facing high unemployment, low wages and poor working conditions, and cuts to essential public services like transit and education. Meanwhile a handful of big companies are getting rich by driving down wages for workers and not paying their fair share of taxes.

Decades ago the working class people fought to win good, family sustaining jobs in Pittsburgh and to create social services to give us all a fair shot at success. We created a decent standard of living for working class people in Pittsburgh once, and together we can do it again.

Fight Back Pittsburgh is a community union that anyone can join! We’re a grassroots, democratic organization that works together to fight in our neighborhoods, in our local government, and in our workplaces for change and to improve our lives. We meet regularly, we’re funded by small dues contributions paid by our members, and we take action based on the ideas and proposals of rank-and-file members like you.