This organization shall be known as Fight Back Pittsburgh. It shall be hereafter referred to as “Fight Back Pittsburgh” or “The Local Union.”  This organization shall operate as a project of the Organizing Committee of USW Local 3657.




First. To engage in educational, legislative, political, civic, social, welfare, community and other activities; to advance and safeguard the economic security and social welfare of all individuals in the greater Pittsburgh area, the United States, Canada and the world; to protect and extend our democratic institutions and civil rights and liberties; and to stand in solidarity with all people who struggle for social and economic justice.

Second. To encourage the organization and affiliation of all individuals in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Third. To take all steps and actions consistent with these By-Laws to implement and carry out the objects, rights, activities and responsibilities of this organization.




Section 1. All United Steelworkers Associate members shall be eligible for membership in the Fight Back Pittsburgh.

Section 2. Persons having membership in other collective bargaining organizations shall be eligible for membership provided their collective bargaining organization does not prohibit said membership.

Section 3. No person shall be eligible for membership who is a member, supporter, or activist within the Ku Klux Klan, or any fascist, totalitarian, or other organizations who seek to undermine the principles of Fight Back Pittsburgh.

Section 4. No person shall be eligible for membership who has worked as a strikebreaker or replaced locked-out workers.



Election of Officers

Section 1. Officers of Fight Back Pittsburgh shall be: Organizing Chair, Vice Organizing Chair, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, one Trustee, and a number of At-large members. These Local Union officers shall serve as the Fight Back Pittsburgh Executive Board.

Section 2. No member shall at the same time be a candidate for or hold more than one of the offices named in Section 1 of this Article, except that the Vice Organizing Chair may also be the Recording Secretary or the Financial Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 3. The Trustee shall be a member of the Organizing Committee of USW Local 3657 and appointed by the Organizing Committee.  At-large members are elected by the Executive Board and serve until removed by a majority vote of the Executive Board or a majority vote of the membership at a membership meeting. The number of At-large members may be set, increased, or decreased by a majority vote of the Executive Board, except a 2/3 vote shall be required if a decrease in the number of positions would displace an individual in office. An at-large member who has not attended a meeting for a period of six (6) months will be considered to have vacated their position. All other officers shall be elected by the membership of Fight Back Pittsburgh for a term of one year at the last meeting in August every year, or on such other day and/or at such other hours in August as the membership shall determine and which will enable all members who so desire to vote. Election shall be by a plurality vote of the members in good standing participating in a secret ballot vote.  Those elected in August shall  be  installed  at  the  first  regular  meeting  in  September and shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified, at which time all money, official records and documents, and all property belonging to Fight Back Pittsburgh shall be turned over to such successors. In any case in which only one eligible member has been nominated for an office, and that member has indicated acceptance of the nomination within the time limits and in the  manner  prescribed  by  the  approved  By-Laws  of  Fight Back Pittsburgh,  no  election  need  be  held  for  that  and  the  member  who  has  been  so nominated shall be deemed elected.

Section 4. The date of the elections for Officers must be advertised amongst members at least fifteen (15) days previous to the date of the election by electronic mailing notice and posting to Fight Back Pittsburgh’s website of the date, place and hours of the election to each member in good standing at the member’s last known email address. The notice must also specify the offices to be filled.

Nominations shall be made at the meeting immediately preceding the meeting where elections are to take place.

Notice of the nomination meeting shall be provided to the membership at least one (1) week in advance of the meeting using the same method described above.

Section 5. No member shall be eligible to serve as an Officer in any regular election or election to fill a vacancy unless the member is in good standing..


Duties of Officers

Section 1. Duties of Organizing Chair.

(a) The Organizing Chair is responsible for maintaining order at meetings and deciding any questions of order; any decisions of order are subject to appeal.

(b) The Organizing Chair must have a working knowledge of these By-Laws and enforce the rules outlined in them; appoint committees if a need for one is determined but not created by the membership;. The Organizing Chair shall perform all other duties as assigned by Fight Back Pittsburgh.

  1. In the event that a vacancy occurs in any official office (except the Trustee or At-large member), the Organizing Chair will appoint a member to fill the for the remainder of the term.
  2. If the temporary vacancy is in the office of the Organizing Chair, the Vice Organizing Chair will take over the duties of the Organizing Chair. for the remainder of the term.


Section 2. Duties of the Vice Organizing Chair.

The Vice Organizing Chair will assist the Organizing Chair in carrying out the duties of the position. If the Organizing Chair is absent, the Vice Organizing Chair will take over for that meeting. In the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of Organizing Chair, the Vice Organizing Chair shall act as Organizing Chair for the remainder of the term.


Section 3. Duties of the Recording Secretary.

(a) The Recording Secretary shall record the proceedings of the general membership meetings in an electronic document kept for that purpose. The Recording Secretary will read all papers and perform other duties as designated by these By-Laws.

(b) The Recording Secretary will make available communications to the general membership.

(c)The Recording Secretary will make the Proposed Minutes from each meeting available to the general membership within two weeks of each meeting.

Section 4. Duties of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer.

(a) The Financial Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for money due to Fight Back Pittsburgh and for depositing that money in the bank. The Financial Secretary-Treasurer will issue receipts for any and all deposits and sign all checks, which must be countersigned by the President, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer of USW local 3657. The Financial Secretary-Treasurer must keep accurate accounts of all Fight Back Pittsburgh funds, have the books open for examination by all members at any time, and perform other such duties as required. The Financial Secretary-Treasurer shall make out the various reports required by the International Secretary-Treasurer and forward those reports to the International Secretary-Treasurer in accordance with instructions.

(b) All money paid out by Fight Back Pittsburgh from its treasury in excess of 20% of the amount in its treasury must be approved by the members at a general membership meeting. Smaller expenditures may be undertaken with the approval of the Executive Board.  Expenditures under $50 may be authorized by the Organizing Chair.  Under no circumstances shall Officers or members pay bills, authorize payment of a bill, incur any obligations, use money for activities or under circumstances not authorized by these By-Laws. Bills charged to Fight Back Pittsburgh shall be submitted to the Recording Secretary, who will submit them to the Executive Board or general membership for approval.

(d) The Financial Secretary-Treasurer’s accounts shall be subject at all times to audit by the International Secretary-Treasurer.

(e) The Financial Secretary-Treasurer must make a detailed financial report at each general membership meeting, which shall cover the receipts and expenditures of all funds of Fight Back Pittsburgh. If the expenses of Fight Back Pittsburgh exceed its current income or impairs its reserves, the Financial Secretary-Treasurer is obliged to bring this to the attention of the membership.

(f) Should it be proved that the Financial Secretary-Treasurer failed to transmit the full amount of dues and other monies, the Financial Secretary-Treasurer shall be suspended from all privileges and benefits until the deficiency is made good and shall be liable to the International Union for the full amount unpaid.

(g) Recurring standard bills may be paid by the Treasurer on a single authorization by the general membership or Executive Board to pay such bills when due.


Section 5. Duties of the Trustee.

The Trustee will ensure Fight Back Pittsburgh’s activities comply with applicable articles of the International Union including the International Constitution, applicable sections of all manuals and the stated policies of the International Union.


Section 6. Duties of At-Large Members

At-Large Members will serve on the Executive Board and perform other duties as assigned.

Section 7.

It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to insure that the funds and property of Fight Back Pittsburgh are preserved, managed, invested, and expended to carry out the objects, rights, activities, and responsibilities of Fight Back Pittsburgh in accordance with these By-Laws.




Section 1. Fight Back Pittsburgh shall hold a general membership meeting at least once quarterly at times and locations set by the Executive Board. Notice of such meetings must be posted at least seven (7) days in advance of any such meeting via website posting and e-mail correspondence.


Section 2. The Fight Back Pittsburgh Executive Board shall hold meetings at times and locations set by the Executive Board. Notice of such meetings must be posted at least seven (7) days in advance of any such meeting via e-mail correspondence. Attendance by two thirds of the current members of the Executive Board shall constitute a waiver of notice of the meeting.


Section 3.  Consistent with Article V, Section 1 (a), the Organizing Chair shall preside at all meetings of Fight Back Pittsburgh, including but not limited to general membership meetings, and shall decide all questions of order subject to an appeal of the membership.



Section 1.        All members of Fight Back Pittsburgh should commit to pay dues equal to one quarter of one percent of their self-reported monthly income and to participate in the activities of the organization.


Section 2.        A member who has not lost good standing under other provisions of these By-Laws shall be in good standing if the member has paid dues or participated in an activity of the organization within the past twelve months.  The Sec. Treasurer shall maintain a database of current and former members.



Section  3.       A member not in good standing shall not be permitted to vote, nominate for office, hold office, or be a candidate for office.


Section  4.       No member shall have any right or interest in any property of Fight Back Pittsburgh, including any dues, assessments or other financial obligations paid by such member.


Section 5.       All persons not in good standing in the Local Union are prohibited from participating in meetings and may attend meetings only when invited to do so by vote of Fight Back Pittsburgh.




Any member or Officer may be expelled from Fight Back Pittsburgh upon a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board or a majority vote of the membership.  An individual expelled by the Executive Board shall have the right to appeal to the membership at the following general membership meeting.  :




Section 1.        All money collected for the organization or its committees shall be deposited by the Financial Secretary-Treasurer promptly. True and accurate records shall be kept.

Section 2.        All money collected from dues or other funds raised on behalf of the whole organization are considered a part of the general fund.

Section 3.        No money may leave the general funds without the requisite approval, as listed in Article V, Section 4.



Representatives of Fight Back Pittsburgh


Section 1.  If a member is needed to represent Fight Back Pittsburgh to any outside organization, they shall be appointed by the Executive Board.



Fight Back Pittsburgh Committees

Section 1. The work of Fight Back Pittsburgh may be carried out by such committees as are created by the Executive Board.

Section 2. Committees shall operate freely. They shall require approval of the Executive Board or membership if:

(a) any project of the committee requires resources beyond their abilities, or

(b) they are making commitments on behalf of the greater organization.



Section 3.  It shall be the responsibility of the Organizing Chair and Vice Organizing Chair to ensure that all committees function effectively according to their stated missions and the objects of Fight Back Pittsburgh.  The Executive Board shall approve all appointments to both standing and special committees.



Order of Business for General Membership Meetings

At each general membership meeting, the Organizing Chair shall designate a time during which motions from the floor will be entertained.


Effective Date

The provisions of these By-Laws are automatically in full force and effect. Any additions or amendments to additions to such standard By-Laws shall be in full force and effect after their adoption by vote at a regular meeting of Fight Back Pittsburgh in accordance with the form and procedure provided for in Article XV.



Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing and read at two (2) consecutive General Membership meetings, and passed by a majority vote of the membership present at the next regular meeting. The subject matter of such amendments must be advertised to the membership through the website or other medium prior to the meeting at which the vote thereon is to be taken.