Fast Food Workers Speaking Out Against Wage Theft

Dec-Fast-Food-Strike-WendysOn Tuesday March 18th thousands of Fast Food Workers across the country (including Pittsburgh) will be speaking out against the various forms of wage theft that they have experienced. McDonald’s and other fast-food corporations regularly commit wage theft by:

  • Not paying workers for tasks performed before clocking in or after clocking out
  • Not paying workers time-and-a-half for overtime hours
  • Cutting hours to avoid paying benefits
  • Paying workers on employer owned debit card, forcing workers to pay a withdrawal fee in order to access their paychecks
  • Not providing workers with a required break or forcing them to work off the clock during a break
  • Forcing workers to put money into the register if there is a cash drawer undercount
  • Paying workers late or with checks that bounce

Who: McDonald’s Workers and Fast Food Workers from other fast food chains will be speaking out against the various forms of wage theft that they have experienced while working at their stores. The three workers that will speak out have had their checks bounce, are forced to put money back into their drawer when it is short, are forced to work off the clock, and regularly work 6-10 hours without a break.

What: Speak-Out and Educational Rally

Where: McDonald’s 6361 Penn Avenue, East Liberty (Meet on sidewalk in front of store)

When: Tuesday, March 18, 3:15 pm

Why: The fast food industry is booming. McDonald’s Burger King, and Wendy’s are all part of a $200 billion industry. McDonald’s alone made $5.5 billion in profits in 2012. Fast food workers know that they work hard and deserve to be paid a living wage and allowed to form a union without retaliation. In addition to fast food employers not paying a decent wage they are stealing wages from their workers. Fast Food workers have had enough and are standing up in solidarity with other workers, community members, faith leaders, and elected officials across the country to demand that the industry do better.

Today Fast Food workers filed several class action law suits against McDonald’s for wage theft. These actions are in response to that law suit, demonstrating that workers across the industry are regularly victims of wage theft.