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What a year 2015 has been for Fight Back Pittsburgh!

In our third full year, Fight Back Pittsburgh has continued to grow and develop as a voice for worker’s rights in Pittsburgh.  We have deepened our work in fighting for workers’ rights; mobilizing for important struggles including the Fight for $15 and Hospital Workers Rising; we launched the “Take Back Our Time” campaign to raise a community-wide dialogue about work-life balance; and played a key role in the fight for paid sick days in Pittsburgh.


Fighting Back at Work!

When our sisters and brothers at Allegheny Technologies found themselves illegally locked out of their jobs, Fight Back Pittsburgh stepped into high gear organizing fundraisers, picket line delegations, and mobilizing for massive actions. Fight Back Pittsburgh has also stepped up our efforts to tell the labor movement’s story, hosting labor history tours, using our communications tools to amplify local struggles, and launching our new newsletter, Labor Struggles from the Steel City and Beyond.


Fighting Back in Our Community!

In 2015, Fight Back Pittsburgh also continued to stand with working class people in our communities as well as our workplaces. Throughout the winter we continued to support We Change Pittsburgh and local efforts to fight back against racism in our community, notably helping to mobilize for Pittsburgh’s massive Martin Luther King Day march. As the weather began to get warmer, the Fight Back Pittsburgh Women’s Caucus stepped up the fight against street harassment in Pittsburgh, publishing our Street Harassment Handbook and launching our street harassment reporting system.

 Want to hear more about what Fight Back Pittsburgh has been up to? Check out our full year-end report online at

After three years of exciting and engaging action, Fight Back Pittsburgh’s vision of creating a community union in Pittsburgh has really taken root. Fight Back Pittsburgh is providing training and development opportunities for new organizers, building deep and meaningful links between traditional labor organizations and community groups, and engaging workers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find a place in the traditional labor movement.

Help Us Keep Up the Fight in 2016!

Fight Back Pittsburgh is a grassroots, volunteer-led organization and we’re funded by membership dues and donations from supporters like you.  Help us keep up the fight in 2016 by making a one-time donation or signing-up as a dues-paying member of Fight Back Pittsburgh.

You can contribute:

Online: Make a one time donation or sign up for a recurring dues contribution at

By Check: Checks should be made payable to Fight Back Pittsburgh/USW Local 3657. Check can be mailed to Fight Back Pittsburgh at 60 Blvd of the Allies, Pittsburgh PA, 15222.

In person! Join us at our monthly membership meeting—the first Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the USW headquarters—60 Blvd of the Allies in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Working class people in Pittsburgh are under attack.  But with new models of worker organization like Fight Back Pittsburgh, together we can build the power to fight back and make Pittsburgh work for working people.


In solidarity,

Fight Back Pittsburgh