Women’s Caucus

Who We Are

The Fight Back Pittsburgh Women’s Caucus is a safe-space designated for women and non-gender conforming, trans, female bodied, queer, and/or female identified people who are not cis-male, to come together to build power and leadership in our organization and in our community. Through story-shares, an ongoing ‘resilience circle’ and the use of workshops and other educational tools we stand up and speak out against the systems of oppression including, but not limited to sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, islamophobia, and ableism.

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Our Theory of Change

We are dedicated to fighting these oppressive structures both from within ourselves and our organizing spaces, workplaces, and broader society. Our theory of change is one based on the use of educational tools, one-on-one and group relationship building, as well as direct action.

What We Do

We believe in leading by example through fighting systems of oppression from within. The caucus is a space in which we can work to build one another up instead of tearing each other down and find an importance in building a sense of respect and solidarity among the marginalized peoples involved in Fight Back Pittsburgh. Through the work of the caucus we have:

  • Resilience Circle: a space in which we offer our special skills and traits to assist others in their needs as well as encourage one another to ask for help with anything they need. For example, two of us make sure to call one another every night to remind each other to turn off our screens and head to bed. We have offered up support for one another
  • Workshop: Along with the Women’s Law Project and Working Women Rising we held a day-long workshop in which we discussed the problems women face in the workplace as well as the legal action or direct action and organizing that can be utilized to make these changes.
  • Womens Bloc: Working again with Working Women Rising as well as the Women’s Law Project and others in the community,  we are planning a bloc of women for 4/15 to wear pink and red polka dot bandanas focusing on women’s rights at work.

Berger-Marks Grant

Women in Fight Back Pittsburgh have worked hard to make this work happen, but not without the help of the Berger-Marks Foundation. From their website:

The Berger-Marks Foundation’s mission is to help organize women into unions, provides both financial support and resources to people and organizations doing work. Inspired by Edna Berger, the first woman lead organizer for The Newspaper Guild-CWA, and the legendary Tin Pan Alley song-writer Gerald Marks who bequested his fortune to set up the Foundation.

They have provided grants to organizations such as The Vermont Workers Center, Kalmanovitz Institute at Georgetown University, USAS, Young Workers United, University of California, L.A: Womyn’s Dream Summer, and many more!

Fight Back Pittsburgh was awarded $15,400 from the foundation to support a fellowship for one female activist for a period of six months. The organizing fellow hired was Robin McCann, who has been working on the proposed grant for 3 months now. In that time the caucus has gained traction and has successfully held the Women’s Rights at Work Workshop, multiple story-shares and a resilience circle.

The work doesn’t stop there!! For more information or to get involved contact hannah@fightbackpittsburgh.org or visit us on Facebook! 

**Our mission and goals are to be considered a work in progress. We accept any feedback and suggestions on ways we can create a more inclusive and open space for marginalized people. You do not need to be a member of Fight Back Pittsburgh to get involved in the caucus, but we hope you see this is space as a safe pathway into the organization.